Cattlemans Cutlery United States Marine Corps Roper Knives
Cattlemans Cutlery United State Marine Corps Game Raider

American Buffalo Knife and Tool, Inc. has a line of products for the serious cowboy. The ABKT group of knives are designed and made to be used and carried every day.

ABKT’s exclusive designs are highly collectable as well as functional.
We pride ourselves on offering our customers a high quality knife at a fair value. All ABKT knives come with a life time warranty to insure you that we stand behind our products.

Please explore our site and feel free to email us with any questions or inquiries.

American Buffalo Knife and Tool Displays

CC0001CB Cheyenne Blue Horizon Stockman

CC0002BS Bronco Series Trapper

CC0021CR Cheyenne Red Rock Toothpick

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